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FIFA 21 is coming this year. But fans have been worried. The effects of the global pandemic we’re all experiencing have been far from normal for the sporting world. This begs the question: will FIFA 2021 be delayed because of Coronavirus? No.

EA has confirmed that both FIFA 21 and Madden 21 are on track for a September 2020 release date, which is what we expected because it’s consistent with previous years. We’ve now seen a first FIFA 21 trailer, too, revealed at the EA Play event in June 2020. But it doesn’t give much away, though we do know the game is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X for sure, likely after the initial current gen release to tie in with the estimated November release dates of both consoles.

According to news reports, EA confirmed the September release date (which is actually Q2, so that means July to September) in an end-of-fiscal year report.

The report also detailed that FIFA 20, the current FIFA game, reached a huge 25 million unique players. This bodes well for the future of FIFA. We already know FIFA 20 has been received fairly well, on the whole, delivering a suite of new features and tuning up some lacking areas of the beautiful game.

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